Fashion Flashback: 1920s Style Spotlight

I am absolutely in love with love! Like, seriously! I get so happy and teary-eyed when I get to witness true love. So what does that have to do with Fashion Flashback to the 1920s?

My friend, Rolanda, is getting married in a couple of months and her theme is 1920s Mafioso based. I'm so super duper excited to attend this sockdollager*! I am on auto-RSVP to arrive at the speakeasy (location undisclosed) in my cutest 1920s divaliciousity. (Yes, divaliciousity is a word...I just typed it twice.)

Of course, you always have to be fly when you attend a social function, especially a wedding. And especially when you're single...just saying, but that's another blog post. I need to find the perfect outfit from head to toe because, although it may be hard to believe, I'm still single. Yes, single, but I ain't no cancelled stamp*.

I actually had the opportunity to attend a 1920s throwback gathering last year and was able to pull this outfit together. Most of the stuff, including the mermaid-style dress and bob wig, I already had.

 For the upcoming event, I think I want to go with a shorter dress and a different hairstyle. I definitely can't wear what I wore the last time! Something about the diva dress code and statutes.

Here are the dress styles I'm considering. They're cute and available in plus sizes...and they don't cost too much mazuma*.

Which one do you like best?
The hair style to top either dress off to complete the look is the classy and retro finger wave style.
Forum Flapper Wig $10.97

And to kick it up just one more notch, I totally must have this head chain, especially for the low price.
Vintage Deco Head Chain22

Let me know what you think. Will I be a choice piece of calico* with these picks?

Thanks for stopping by!

Keep those sharp curves super classy! 
~ Erika ~

*Slang terms from the 1920s era used in this post:
- sockdollager: an event or action of great importance
- cancelled stamp: shy and lonely woman; wallflower
- mazuma: cash
- choice piece of calico: desirable woman


  1. I love it! Fantastic piece Erika! And you looked smokin' hot too!

  2. I love this blog! I like all three dresses and they would all look amazing on you!