Diva's POD: The Loop Me In Dress

Every once in a while, I happen upon a piece that I absolutely love and it is my Pick of the Day (POD). Today, as I was clearing out my e-mail "Fashion" folder (yes, I have a "Fashion" folder; doesn't everyone?), I opened one that I missed almost a week ago. As I read the subject of the e-mail, I was like 'what the heck is a loop me in dress'? When I opened it, I knew I had a fashionable duty to shout this hot dress in it's own post!

Fashion to Figure (www.fashiontofigure.com) has showed out, offering this dress for only $38.00! Now, will I be ordering this one? Probably not because I'm not ready to showcase my legs just yet. But, on second thought, if I put some pantyhose or fishnet hose on with it...hmmm.... Well, if I get it, I'll have to do a follow up post.

Have a fashionable day!

Fashionably Your's,


  1. I have personally never ordered from them.I have looked at there website a million times though, but there dresses always seem SOOO short. And the sizing-from what I have seen of other blogger-looks a little off. IDK.

  2. Girl I think I would not be able to wear this without showing my behind, lol. I would forget and raise my hands too high and give everyone a peep! But it is divalicious!