Diva's POW - Black Velvet Floral Cut Out Lace Up High Boots

I hope everyone enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving. And we know what happens starting the day after Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving. (So is it called Black Thursday?) It's super sale season once again. We are all subject to the abundance of advertisements for everything from housewares, services, clothing, and shoes.

The official Diva POW (pick of the week) was found after allowing my mouse-clicking-index-finger to navigate to the Pink Basis (pinkbasis.com) website.

It has a long and sophisticated-sounding name, which matches the persona of this particular shoe. Introducing the "Black Velvet Multishape Floral Cut Out Peep Toe Ribbon Lace Up Over the Knee High Heel Boots"! Can we say 'mouthful'??? But really, the designer has take several trends and combined them into a killer floral cut knee boot.

This caught my eye because it definitely stands out and
it's more unique than one would even expect. I love the exotic feminine blend of elegance. And the price is only $69.99 on pinkbasis.com.

Until next time, remember that no matter who or where you are right now, you have a purpose.

Fashionably Your's,
Diva on Fashion

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